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Help us improve Addressed and Unaddressed Advertising mail postal services and you could win cash rewards!*** All you need is daily internet access, an email account and five minutes 4-5 days a week. In appreciation, each time you report receipt of mail, your name is entered into 11 draws held each quarter: 1 draw for $500 and 10 draws of $50. You will also earn reward points redeemable on the Ashton Green online store. See below for more details.

Project Overview Your Role
IBM Business Consulting Services is conducting a Quality Measurement Program for Unaddressed and Addressed Advertising mail on behalf of Canada Post Corporation. The purpose of this study is to measure the performance and quality of Canada Post's Advertising and Promotional mail services. As receivers in this program, you are essential participants in the conduct of the study. The test mail that you report will help Canada Post Corporation track the performance of its advertising mail services to help improve the delivery quality to consumers and businesses! Test mail will consist of various types of promotional material. Items may include: flyers, newsletters, cards, coupons, magazines, catalogues, brochures, samples as well as envelopes or bags containing any of the above. Addressed Advertising mail is addressed to a specific member of the household. Unaddressed Advertising mail is not addressed to a specific household address in Canada; however, it may bear the wording 'Householder,' 'Occupant,' 'Resident' or 'Boxholder'.

IBM will periodically send you an email that will identify a specific test piece you will be receiving in the near future. The email will include a link to the website you will use to report information and a specific date range during which the item should arrive. The subject line of the email will indicate that the message is from IBM and tell you who the mailing is coming from. The email will also include an image of the item to make it easy to identify.

As a program receiver, your part in the study involves checking your email account regularly for notices from IBM and then checking your mail daily during the specified date range to see if the mail item has arrived. When the mail does arrive, you will log on to the website within 48 hours of the piece arriving, then enter 5 - 6 pieces of information about the mail and submit it to IBM. If the item does not arrive by the end of the period we specify, you just have to log on to the website and choose the option to indicate that the advertising mail item did not arrive. It is essential to log onto the website using the link provided in IBM's email as it contains information about the mail item.

The information we need from you is as follows:

If you do receive the mail item

  • The exact date the mail item was received
  • The time the mail was collected (e.g. Between 14:00 and 16:00)
  • The condition of the mail (e.g. Good, Torn, etc.)
  • Where the mail was received (e.g. Mail Box, P.O Box, etc.)
  • For Unaddressed Advertising Mail: If more than one copy of the item was received
  • For Addressed Advertising Mail: If there are any barcodes printed on the item
  • If you do not receive the mail item

  • An indication that the mail was not received
  • An indication of whether or not you were available to receive mail during the expected delivery window.
  • This process will be repeated 4-8 times each month until you let us know that you can no longer take part. Each time you report information for a test piece, even if you report that the item was not received, your name will be entered into a draw for cash prizes. Quarterly draws will be held for a grand prize of $500, and 10 $50 prizes. The more items you report, the better your chances of winning.

    In addition to these quarterly draws, you also have the ability to earn points each time you report. These points will accumulate each time you report until you have collected enough points to earn a ‘Virtual Gift Card’ (VGC). Once you reach a $10 minimum amount, a VGC will be issued by IBM’s Postal Measurement team and sent to you via email. Once the VGC has been issued to you your total points will be recalculated to include the payout. The payout points are subtracted from your point total and you will continue to accumulate points until you collect enough for another payout. The VGC is active as soon as you receive it. You can opt to use it right away or save them up to redeem multiple VGCs for single purchase (Maximum of 4 VGC’s redeemable on a single purchase). Click the "Panel Compensation Plan" link below for more details.

    Thank you very much for your interest in this exciting new program!

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